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The governing body has specific statutory responsibilities and its main tasks are: to provide a sense of direction for the work of the school; to support the work of the school as a critical friend; and to hold the school to account for the standards and quality of education it achieves.


The key tasks are:

  - Supporting the strategic direction of the school

  - Promoting high standards of education and achievement

  - Monitoring and evaluating school performance

  - Budgetary allocation and control

  - Ensuring that the appropriate checks and balances are in place


The governing body’s overarching role is to act as a critical friend and to support school staff in their work to provide the best possible standards of education, and to help children throughout the school to realise their aspirations and expectations within a safe and secure environment. The day to day management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher and her Senior Management Team.


Apart from the teacher governors and the Headteacher, most of the school’s governors are parents, come from the local community (co-opted governors) or are representatives from the church. Governors can come from any walk of life, and consequently have a range of skills to complement one another in supporting the school’s main functions.


The key attributes of a governor are:

  - The ability to work in a team

  - A desire to help the community

  - An external perspective

  - A willingness to challenge assumptions and express their opinions


The Governing body is required to publish an Annual Governance Statement that can be foundhere. This statement gives more detail about the Governing body's activities. 



Annual Governance Statement