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All children receive a range of PE and Games activities in order to develop skills, techniques and rules so by the time they leave the school they have a good understanding of football, tag rugby, cricket, rounders, high five netball and athletics.


The school has a hall which is fully equipped for gymnastics and agility development along with an all weather pitch allowing development of game skills and tactics. 


Through these experiences the children are able to compete with each other or at inter school competitions and tournaments. 


The school offers a range of clubs for the children to join using both the skills of the staff and other sports coaches from a range of sources. 


Parents are asked to support the school by ensuring their child has the appropriate clothing for sport activities and by supporting the inter school activities.

Football match reports


22nd September 2016

St Mary's v Chrishall

As a team, Oscar, Zac, Kai, Taylor, Joseph, Reece, Lucas, Samuel, Kylo and myself played against Chrishall school.


The score at half time was 6-0 at the end of the match it was 15-1.


Lucas was our goal keeper and saved many shots. The goals were scored by Oscar, Zac, Kai, Taylor, Joseph and myself. Everyone played amazing and enjoyed the game.


Aaron Philpott - Football Captain


6th October 2016

St Mary's v Great Chesterford

On Thursday 6th October St Mary's played a football match away against Great Chesterford primary school. This time we did not win instead we drew 3-3. When we scored we celebrated a bit too much so unfortunately the other team scored, we were very disappointed.


Players that scored were myself twice and Joseph Hall.


Lucas was in goal he was amazing but was disappointed as he thought he could save one of the goals but a player was in this way.


Aaron Philpott - Football Captain




Netball Match reports


4th October 2016

St Mary's v Birchanger

What a great start to the year. We drew 4-4 it was really exciting.


The team consisted of Esther Tyler, Rebecca Trapmore, Oliver Rolfe, Bradley Royce, Ruby Marshall, Ami Shad and Jessica Hobday.


At the beginning it was 2-2. Bradley Royce scored two goals then Birchanger scored two aswell. In the second quarter Jessica Hobday scored one goal. In the third quarter none of us scored any goals and in the forth, the final quarter they scored two goals in the last two minutes. Then the whistle blew so the umpires said lets add thirty seconds on because somebody threw the ball in a bush. We finished with three cheers and one for luck then we choose our man of the match.


Player of the match

Birchanger's player of the match was Christian and our player was Rebecca.

We had lots of lovely passes and scoring. There were lots of snatching of the ball off each other. It was a good, honest game and and was glad i was chosen to play.


By Esther Tyler - Netball Captain


11th October 2016

St Mary's v Howe Green

In the first quarter the match started off very tight. It was two goals to both teams. Bradley Royce scored the two goals for St Mary's. By the second quarter Howe Green was leading 3-2. In the third quarter St Mary's scored a goal, by Joseph Hall. Unfortunately, in the fourth and final quarter Howe Green scored two brilliant goals ans then the match ended. The whole team played extremely well and all enjoyed the game.


Player of the match

The player of the match was Esther Tyler and for Howe Green was Amelia.


By Esther Tyler & Jessica Hobday


18th October 2016

St Mary's v Henham

What a competitive game we were all very happy with the score an 8-7 win.


The first four seconds we scored, we were very happy then it went to 2-0 then 3-0 then it was 3-1. The second quarter was very tight then it lead to 6-3. After that it was the third quarter where nobody scored and then it came to the tightest quarter the forth and final one where we made it come to 8-7 our final scores it was a fun match to play and we were all happy.


Player of the match

Our player of the match was Oliver Rolfe who played really well and their's was Elizabeth they both played extremely well.

Esther Tyler - Netball Captain


28th February 2017

St Mary's v Birchanger

What a great start to the year! On Tuesday 28th February we had a netball match away against Birchanger. It was a great success. We won 4-0. We had a brilliant team of strong players it was very cold and wet.


The team consisted of Esther, Jessica, Ruby, Bradley, Rebecca, Oliver and Alex.


At the beginning it was 1-0 scored by Bradley. in the second quarter Oliver  scored another goal to bring us up to 2-0. In the third quarter it was well played but nobody scored. In the fourth and final quarter Ruby scored not one but two goals and that brought up to 4-0. Then we finished with three cheers and player of the match.


Player of the match

Birchanger's player of the match was Oscar and ours was Oliver. There was lots of lovely passing, marking and scoring. All the players did their best and it came out as a win.


Esther Tyler - Netball Captain


6th March 2017

St Mary's v Howe Green

We went to Howe Green Primary School and we came back with a loss but we tried our hardest and played brilliantly! The score in the final quarter was 6-2 to Howe Green.


The team consisted of Esther, Jessica, Mollie, Rebecca, Oliver, Bradley, Alex.


Players of the match

Our player of the match was Oliver who played extremely well. However, Howe Green's player of the match was Jack. They both played very well and so did everybody else there was lovely passing and marking of each other.

Esther Tyler - Netball Captain


13th March 2017

St Mary's v Henham

On Monday 13th there was another netball match against Henham at Henham and Ugley Primary School. The team consisted of: Esther, Rebecca, Caleb, Oliver R, Layla, Mia and Oliver N.


The game started off with good play but nobody was yet to score. In the second quarter Rebecca scored a goal with an amazing aim. The third quarter Caleb scored a goal and on the last two minutes Esther scored an outstanding goal to bring us up to 3-0.


Player of the match

Our player of the match was a three time winner Oliver R and Henham's player of the match was Belle. We all played brilliantly and we should all be proud of ourselves. There was lovely passing and catching so well done everyone.


Esther Tyler - Netball Captain


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