St Mary's CE Foundation


At St Mary's we recognise the importance of creativity across all aspects of the curriculum and nowhere is this better demonstrated than our approach to the Arts. Art across the school stimulates imagination, creativity, thinking, learning and can inspire a life-long love of art. We offer the children opportunities to express their ideas through critically appraising the work of famous artists and through responding to each other's work. This is clearly reflected in the quality of work children produce. 



St Mary's Art Enrichment

A small group of talented artists took part in a series of sessions intended to broaden and deepen their understanding of the subject as well as giving them the opportunity to practice their considerable skill.


At the end of their course, we visited The National Gallery in London to see some of the paintings we had studied and other works by artists we had learned about. The children had a fantastic time appreciating the skills of other artists and had the opportunity to sketch in the Impressionist gallery. 

Examples of work across the school

Sculpture LKS2
Bread Hand Sculpture LKS2
Modern Art Display LKS2
Art in the style of Piet Mondrian LKS2
Day of the Dead UKS2
Frieda Kahlo UKS2
Day of the Dead UKS2
Chinese New Year Foundation Stage
Winter Art Foundation Stage
Art in the style of Jackson Pollock LKS2

Art expectations by phase