St Mary's CE Foundation


Chestnut Class

Class Teacher - Mrs Wakefield

Classroom Assistant Mrs Sankey

It's our last day together in Chestnut!


Today is going to be a quiz themed day. We will meet at 9am for some quizzes and word challenges, and at 2.00pm it's up to you! Think of your favourite game or activity we can play on Teams and we will see how many we can do. In between the meetings you can have a go at the activities below, or spend the time writing your own quiz or riddles to challenge us with. See you at 9am. 

Read, Read, Read! Chestnut love to READ!!


Keep a record of all the books you read over Christmas! Mrs Lawrence will hand out sticky dots to those that read the most books. Everyone will get a reward for taking part and don't worry Mrs Lawrence hasn't forgotten about those sticky dots she owes children still too. 


Follow the link below to sign up to Oxford Owl at Home. You can access free e-books on this website. 

Worry letters

Zoo adventure stories

Zoo animal enclosures

Great Fire of London letter writing

Bread Making

Christmas Jumper Day and Santa Dash

Topic - Autumn 2 - Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Firework Extravaganza Day 2020

Phonics Screening Information 2018