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SAFER INTERNET DAY 2021: Creating an Internet we trust!

We are very lucky at St Mary's as we have access to lots of ICT in our school. We have Smartboards in each classroom to make our lessons interactive, cameras for each teacher to take pictures of all the fun things we get up to, computers in our computer suite as well as laptops, ipads and Kindles within the school.


All of the above are helping us to learn new computing skills and become experts in our technology filled world.


Each year group follows a yearly plan made up of 6 units. The units are;


  • ICT skills - where we learn how to navigate a keyboard, create PowerPoint presentations and use microphones and cameras to present work in a different way. 
  • Multimedia - we learn to create and present work on Microsoft Paint or BookCreator apps and to edit and manipulate our work by changing the font, images or sound recordings.  
  • Programming - Perhaps the most difficult, we create codes to program games.
  • Online -  We use the internet for research, decide which websites are the most reliable and explore the features of different websites, such as their menus and hyperlinks.
  • E-Safety -  We recognise that a variety of devices like an Xbox or a PSP with connect us with other users in the world, identify personal information that should be kept private and consider other people's feelings on the internet.
  • Data - We choose information to input into a table, design questionnaires and create spreadsheets.





The internet is a fantastic place to visit, we learn things, we can play games and we can meet new people. We use it a lot at St Mary's but we make sure that we use it safely. 




Computing Curriculum Map