St Mary's CE Foundation

Design & Technology

The focus of D&T in primary school is to teach children skills and develop their knowledge of designs, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials, including food. D&T is a wonderful subject that encourages children to be creative but also to consider important issues as well as solving problems.


At St Mary's Primary School, we offer a variety of opportunities for the children to realise these skills with a varied D&T curriculum. Over the key stages, they progress through a series of skills and begin to apply their knowledge to solve real, relevant problems. They are encouraged to use the skills they have learned across all subjects, such as Maths, History and Geography. In lesson time, the children put into practice their understanding of materials, how things work,  how they are controlled, how they are structured. They are taught to design, make, evaluate and apply technical knowledge. They do all of this in the context of their knowledge of existing products while being mindful of health and safety. All these areas are revisited as the children progress through the school, developing them into enterprising, resourceful individuals. 



Design & Technology in Upper Key Stage 2