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Maple Class

Happy New Year!


You will find our home learning for each day below. Please remember this is to complete during lesson times. See the file named "Extra activities" if you want something else to do. See you on teams! 


Mrs Colebourne and Miss White

Things to do if you want some more things to do! 


1. Read your reading book, or any book! If you don't have any to read at home, click on the link to Oxford Owl below and you will find lots to read online.

2. Don't forget the Number Time activity in the maths slides. You need to do this seperately from the Maths lesson.

3. Play Hit the Button - you can practise lots of things there. 

4. Every day I will upload a reading comprehension activity. We will not go through this together every day, but try to have a go at all of them. Read as much as you can by yourself. 

5. Help your mum or dad out. Do a bit of tidying up, make them a snack, or do something to help someone else out. 

6. Have a run around or do something energetic. We will be sitting for a long time so it's important to move around. Don't forget if your parents let you, you could type 'Go Noodle' in the search on You Tube and show someone some of the crazy dances! 

7. Watch Paddington! 

8. Have a rest - having time to switch your brain off for a bit is important too. 

Baking Bread at Home

London Transport Art (Home Learning)

Maple Class's Fantastic London Posters (home learning)

Mrs Colebourne and Miss White


Money Money Money! Making amounts of money in different ways.

Our fabulous class retelling of Hansel and Gretel

Books we have enjoyed in the Autumn Term

Topic - Autumn 2 - Muck, Mess and Mixtures