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St. Mary's Worship Crew

St. Mary's Worship Crew

St, Mary's Worship Crew is a a group of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils who take an active part in planning and delivering collective worship each day in school. They have also been busy planning our new 'Mindfulness Garden.' Many pupils wanted to be a part of this group and here's what some of our successful 'applicants' wrote:

'I like working as part of a team, will persevere and go to every meeting and am good at sharing ideas.'

'I am a responsible person and have lots of ideas for the Garden of Mindfulness.'

'I am patient when working in a team, will listen to other people's ideas and can speak loudly and clearly.'

'I am good at designing spiritual and relaxing spaces and can teach people about my religion.'

'I have great ideas about how to improve collective worship and am confident at speaking in front of lots of people.'