St Mary's CE Foundation


A welcome from the Headteacher      


St Mary's holds a long established place in the village of Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex.

In November 2012 St. Mary's moved into a beautiful new building - our fourth home since our foundation in 1835. 


St Mary's is a happy and ambitious school with a strong community ethos.  We recognise the importance of children, families, staff, governors, St. John's Church and the wider community working in partnership, in putting our core principles into practice.


St Mary's school values are based on mutual care, respect and consideration for others.  Our values are promoted in all that we do in the school.  Adults lead by example and our pupils are encouraged to apply our motto, which they devised: 'Learning together we care, share and prepare'


Our school curriculum and pastoral care are planned to support all aspects of pupils' development.  As a school community we strive for successful learning, supportive relationships, creativity and preparation for their future, all in an environment where everyone matters.  





Our School Mission Statement


St Mary’s C E Foundation Primary School

Learning together we care, share, and prepare…

…in a community where curiosity, originality, perseverance and independence are encouraged and celebrated.

Our core principles are that:

  • We are happy, safe and valued within a Christian community
  • We respect each other and ourselves
  • We are independent learners in a creative, supportive and challenging environment
  • We are confident in taking responsibility for our learning
  • We are nurtured in our spiritual, emotional, social and physical well being


Teaching and Learning

Our objectives are to set standards of excellence in the teaching and learning experiences we offer and to give our pupils the opportunity to acquire knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes which will be the key to their success in future education and adult life. We intend to meet the needs of all our pupils by involving them in an appropriate, creative and challenging curriculum.


Personnel and premises

We work to achieve efficient management of school finances and to provide a pleasant, safe and stimulating learning and working environment for our pupils and staff.


Pupils’ Welfare and Guidance

We aim to develop and sustain a happy and secure environment in which our children gain in confidence and independence, while learning to accept responsibility and to make a positive contribution to a caring school environment.


Parents and Community

We aim to foster partnerships with parents and the wider community which

support children’s development and help them to understand their future role in